We love a good chat, so be prepared to tell your story!


Every patient and case is different which is why we take the time to get to know you and your dental history. We listen to your concerns and will formulate a personalised plan for your ongoing dental care. Prevention is better than cure so we will always aim to communicate and educate.

We really do love a good chat – so why not give us a call to talk about your dental history, concerns and possible treatments. 9589 4472 9589 4472 .

General Dentistry

We are anything but general! We have all your basic dentistry needs covered but we like to add a bit of sparkle in everything that we do. We look after the whole family; from your youngest who needs a filling, your teenager who needs their wisdom teeth out and even your uncle Frank who hasn’t visited the dentist since 1982!

  • Check up and cleans
  • Fillings
  • Xrays
  • Endodontics
  • Extractions
  • Wisdom teeth extractions

Children's Dentistry

Our little people are very important people at BFD and so are their teeth. We make the 6 monthly visit fun so your little ones know that visiting the dentist is not at all scary. We teach your kids about how to care for their teeth and show them what too many lollies can do! Prevention is always better than cure however we are proficient in treating kids of all ages, for all treatments.

For the sporty kids , we can make a mouthguard in your own team colours!

  • Fillings
  • Extractions
  • Cleans
  • Sports mouth guards
  • Braces (see Orthodontics)
  • Removable plates
  • Myofunctional appliances (helping correct development of the jaws and improve airways )
  • Child dental health scheme CDHS (Medicare)


Missing a tooth? Implants are the next best thing to having your natural tooth back again. A titianium screw base is inserted into the bone (don’t worry you wont feel a thing!) and your custom made tooth is fitted on top shortly after. Implants can fix larger gaps too called implant bridges, even replacing all your teeth if needed.

  • Implant crowns and bridges
  • ‘All on 4’
  • Repairs
  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance


People typically think of conventional braces when they think braces, at BFD we can act earlier and diagnose problems in as young as 3 yrs old! Treating at a young age can help eliminate or reduce problems with development in adolescents, therefore reducing time and complexity of future orthodontics.

  • Assessment for children / teenagers / adult
  • Fixed conventional braces
  • Removable braces
  • Repairs
  • Retainers
  • Myofunctional
  • Invisalign

Cosmetic Dentistry

You are never fully dressed without your smile, so get dressed! We can help you achieve a smile that you didn’t think possible! It could be as simple as a small chip to uneven teeth, crooked teeth and gaps or we can change your whole smile with veneers or crowns

  • Veneers – think of these as fake nails but for your teeth!
  • Crowns
  • Fix crooked teeth
  • Fix gummy or uneven smile

Teeth Whitening

Are your pearly whites more of a pasty yellow? Get your confidence back with teeth whitening. We have researched the best products on the market and Natural+ is the latest proven effective teeth whitening system. It’s all natural and offers great results in around 60 minutes. Quick and cost effective – now we like that! Alternatively we have Natural+ Home Tooth Whitening. Just 1 hour per day and changes are visible in approx 3 days. There is little to no sensitivity so you can have awesome white teeth with no discomfort – happy days!

  • Natural+ In chair. 60 minutes and up to 8-10 shades lighter
  • Natural+ Take home. Custom made whitening trays. 60 minutes per day for 3 days
  • A free pretreatment consult is required

Headaches & Facial Pain

Headaches are very common and can be debilitating for sufferers. Tight facial muscles can be treated with Botox to relive pain in the face and jaw. Alternatively a night time mouth guard can be made to help relieve pressure from grinding on your teeth. This will also take the pressure off your teeth, making them last longer. Don’t put up with ongoing discomfort as we can help you achieve a pain-free life!

  • Botox in facial muscles to help relax muscles
  • Fabrication of night time mouth guard for grinding

Sleep Aponea & Snoring

We can save your marriage! Are you a long suffering partner of a snorer? Sleeping in separate rooms? Many people now realise after treating their snoring ,what NORMAL sleep really is. Dr Suzanne is specially trained in making sleeping appliances to suit your specific needs. Sleep apnea however is more serious and can have health implications, Dr Suzanne works with Ear, Nose and Throat specialists to help diagnose and treat sleep apnoea sufferers.

  • Sleep night guard to improve sleep and reduce snoring
  • Collaboration with Ear, Nose and Throat specialists

Bite & Breathing

'What’s breathing got to do with teeth?' I hear you say. Everything! Everything is linked together! The nose- the jaws- the tongue- the teeth/bite. If you can’t breathe through nose, this opens the doors to a lot of future problems with jaw development, orthodontics , allergies, sleep issues, tooth grinding, ADHD, poor school performance.. the list goes on. This is not standard dentistry stuff, and we are not your standard dentists! We’ll work closely with Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists to diagnose and treat your bite and breathing problems.

  • Assessments
  • Orthodontic expanders to increase airways
  • Collaboration with Ear, Nose and Throat specialists

Dental care for seniors

We all are living longer and keeping our teeth for longer, so we are entering into a different era than the generations before us weren’t a part of! At BFD we will help educate you into looking after your teeth and gums so you can extend the life of your teeth and enjoy the foods you want to eat. Pass the pie!

  • Check ups and cleans
  • Metal / acrylic dentures
  • Repairs
  • Veteran affairs


Random accident on the weekend or after hours? Do you have a broken tooth? Pain? Sports injury? Is your normal dentist closed? We will attend to your emergency needs in our prompt out of hours service. Call 9549 4472.

  • Sports injuries
  • Children’s emergency
  • Accidents
  • Evening and weekend appointments

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